A pop song with an inspirational message.

Hailing from Germany, Golden is a dynamic force, encompassing roles as a singer, songwriter, and producer, leaving a remarkable imprint wherever he goes. With plenty of experience in the music industry, the singer has “been the silent force behind tracks crafted with industry heavyweights like Genetikk and Mike Dean (The Weeknd / Beyoncé).” Now pursuing work as a solo artist, Golden shows off his distinctive style to his listeners. His unique sound is “a journey into the heart of our shared humanity, a narrative set to rhythm, a statement wrapped in melody.” These incredible songs are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Golden’s latest drop is the pop single “Roses.” The artist says his new tune “is more than a song; it’s an anthem, an ode to what can emerge from the fragments of our relationships and splintered societies.”

Despite its intention to provide a calming message, “Roses” exudes an upbeat energy that contrasts with its purpose. The song constructs a vibrant sonic landscape that serves as a counterbalance to an anxious mind. Regardless of your current emotional state, the core message remains clear: you have the strength to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Lyrics like “You see red, I see roses, Don’t you notice, We’re growing side by side” and “One step each time, Tell me, why you’re up all night? Calm down, You’re alright” hears the artist provides an inspirational message about seeing the positive side of things. Besides that, it keeps up hopes about what the future could hold. So, press play below and let your spirit bloom when you wake up and smell the “Roses.”