Kali Uchis

Wait, I thought Kali Uchis was Nigerian?

Fun fact: Kali Uchis hails from my neck of the woods – Northern Virginia. One aspect that fills me with pride about NOVA is the rich tapestry of cultures the region embraces. Walking down the street here, you will see Middle Easterns, East Africans, West Africans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and white people. You can genuinely be proud of where you come from living here. With that being said, in “Muñekita,” Kali pays homage to her Columbian roots. 

“Muñekita” sounds like straight madness to me. The song changes faces a few times, has some pretty interesting vocal styles, and mixes genres both fearlessly and recklessly (Which I love). On some real s**t, listening to it made my ears feel like it was having sex with a crazy-ass freak it just met a few hours ago. Though Kali Uchis and El Alfa sound like naturals in the song (As they should), JT sounds like she’s holding on for dear life (That beat is tricky as s**t to rap over). 

Damn, if Kali Uchis is from Alexandria, I know she’s definitely had some Donald Duck orange juice from Shoppers.