Growing Up


An enjoyable hip-hop record with a message everyone can relate to.

Do you know how often I say “Amen” after hearing a 98Priest song? In all seriousness, the San Antonio-based rapper has shined these past couple of years by hitting us with tracks that boast impactful lyrics, intricate arrangements, and impressive melodies. Some of my favorite singles from him are “Stuck In My Ways” and “Church.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Recently, 98Priest dropped a three-track project called Let Love: In. One of the best tracks from it is “Growing Up.”

In “Growing Up,” 98Preist talks about his mistakes while growing up, being honest more, and having a stronger connection with his partner. Throughout the track, propelled by a soothing yet subtly impactful beat, 98 raps with a sluggish tone. It almost feels like he made the tune hungover. Thankfully, listeners will enjoy his extremely catchy hook and honest words.

Only grown people can make a song like “Growing Up.” Give it a show below.