Giggs & Diddy

I remember the good old days when having Diddy talk on your song guaranteed you hits.

30 years after saying, “10 years from now, we’ll still be on top?” Diddy is still making moves in the music industry. Earlier this year, he released a major hit called “Act Bad” featuring City Girls and Fabolous. This weekend, a song by Diddy and Giggs appeared on streaming services titled “Mandem.”

In “Mandem,” Giggs comes across as his cold-hearted self both lyrically and in his delivery. In his verses, he raps darkly about rolling with thugs, finessing women, and throwing hands. On some real s**t, everything that comes out of his mouth sounds cool as f**k. 

No, we don’t get a Diddy rap verse in this song (Thank GOD). What we do get are some flaming hot adlibs that will give you flashbacks to Biggie’s Life After Death. He also gives Giggs his credit for being a black king God like him.

Give “Mandem” a shot below.