Jordan Ward (Ft. 6LACK)

I thought this song was called “6LACK” and was produced by DJ Mustard. After I pressed play, I thought SZA was on it. I’m so confused right now.

So, Jordan Ward might become my favorite singer simply because he has a unique voice. Despite looking like a grown-ass man that shoots dice, Ward sounds like a 15-year-old that hasn’t gone through puberty in his songs. This past Friday, the LA-based singer dropped a single with 6LACK called “MUSTARD.”

Do you all remember that scene in Blue Streak where Martin was dancing on a random sidewalk dressed up as a janky-looking pizza man? In the music video for “MUSTARD,” Jordan kind of does a similar thing. Interestingly, the song calls for such playfulness. It features high-pitched, quirky vocals from Jordan Ward and an uptempo, feel-good alternative R&B beat. As for 6LACK, his normal-sounding verse adds to the dynamic sound. All in all, I think “MUSTARD” is a fun little jam to listen to.

Give “MUSTARD” a shot below.