I Don’t Apologize

Kevin Gates

Who the f**k expects Kevin Gates to apologize for anything?

Kevin Gates’ music has taken a backseat these past couple of years. These days, I feel his outrageous comments in videos move the needle more than his songs. With that being said, he did drop a very successful project in Khaza just last year. One of the tracks from it, “Thinking With My Dick,” gets tons of burn in clubs. 

In his latest single, “I Don’t Apologize,” Kevin Gates puts the sticks away and instead lets his heart bleed. Throughout the song, he talks about his rough come-up and how some of the s**t he saw growing up molded him into who he is today. Thankfully, he’s unapologetic about the challenges he has faced.

“I Don’t Apologize” surges with a triumphant, booming trap beat, setting the stage for Kevin Gates to deliver his messages. With a defiant tone, Gates strikes a chord with those determined to rise above adversity and overcome challenges.

Give “I Don’t Apologize” a shot below.