Reggi Condos

Reggi Condos lets his heart bleed fearlessly and effortlessly in this hip-hop gem.

Reggi Condos is so good at making hip-hop music, I’m slowly starting to think he created the genre (I understand. Hip-hop has just turned 50 years old, and Reggi appears no older than 15 years, so that’s clearly impossible. However, you catch my drift, right?). The reason I say that is because he possesses virtually every skill you would desire in a rapper: punchlines for days, great flows, and very powerful lyrics. One of Reggi’s best singles to date, in my humble opinion, is “Autumn.”

“Autumn” is a very appropriate title for this introspective banger. In the song, Reggi transitions between sounding somber, inspired, and wild as he touches upon subjects ranging from moving on from his ex to focusing on his hustle to partying like a madman. Though he sounds pretty subdued in the first portion of the song, in the second portion, he sounds as gassed-up as Saudi Arabia. It’s not a coincidence that the first portion boasts a soulful, smooth hip-hop beat, while the second portion boasts a menacing, toxic-sounding beat that I wouldn’t recommend you inhale. 

Reggi Condos sounds like someone who refuses to lose at life. How can you not respect that?