Let Love In


One of 98Preist’s most touching tunes.

I’m not going to lie, 98Priest’s music has been talking to me lately. In it, he usually toys with production and melodies that pull at heartstrings and lyrics that are real as hell. Recently, the San Antonio, Texas rapper dropped a three-track project called Let Love: In. A few days ago, we reviewed one of the songs from it called “Growing Up.” Today, we decided to review another song from the project called “Let Love In.”

“Let Love In” is truly a gem, packed with meaningful messages that hit you right in the feels. In the track, 98Priest lays it all out, sharing his journey of cultivating a relationship that’s been a long time in the making. It’s like he’s opening up the playbook on building something special and letting his guard down in the process.

What I absolutely love is how we get the best of both 98Priest worlds in “Let Love In.” On the hook, he gifts us with a silky smooth melody, while on his verses, he drops raw raps. The combination of the two styles makes for a pleasant and impactful listen. 

Give “Let Love In” by 98Priest a shot below.