Glow On You

Street Symphony

An R&B track that’s brimming with soulful serenades.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Street Symphony is the brainchild of record producer and music executive Torrance Esmond. Inspired by an Outkast concert he attended, he began producing his own music while attending Middle Tennessee State University. Performing at college parties helped him gather a fan base and attract the attention of record labels. His relentless hustle and drive got him in the room with talents like Yo Gotti and Ludacris. He’s now gone from a producer shopping around his beats to one that top artists seek out. “Glow On You” is his latest drop.

Filled with words of encouragement and affirmation, this silky R&B track is an ode to his special person. Lyrics such as “You say that it’s a glow up but you’ve been fine” and “I got these flowers for you because you deserve them” eloquently capture the love and appreciation he has discovered in her presence. With infectious melodies and ice-cold production, he adorns her entirely with his affection. The song’s unmistakable message is to seek someone who uplifts you just as Street Symphony does. So stream “Glow On You” to feel all the adoring praise oozing from this track.