From The Jump

Jay Worthy (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & OHGEESY)

A West Coast banger that Pac would’ve been very proud of.

Is Pittsburgh on the West Coast? Since he started rapping, Wiz Khalifa has sounded like one of the goons that tried to gun Craig and Smokey down in the California-based Friday. In “From The Jump,” a song that features true Californians Jay Worthy and OHGEESY, Wiz fits right in.

Wiz Khalifa hooks “From The Jump” up with one of his catchiest hooks. I can actually see it getting thugs who don’t dance to walk on the dance floor and act like they are about to dance. As for Jay Worthy and OHGEESY, they provide the song with tough-ass verses in which they talk about smashing bad chicks from Atlanta and spraying s**t. I think the song definitely moves the needle when it comes to club bangers.

Wiz Khalifa sounds like O’Dawg, bro.