Marc Daniel

What the hell did Marc do to Toucan Sam?

Although Marc Daniel labels himself an “underground artist from Chicago,” I firmly contest this characterization based on the quality of his music. While his tracks often exude underdog sentiments, I staunchly believe that his style resonates with that of a burgeoning superstar. Among Marc’s notable releases include “F-16,” “Tell Me Nothing,” and “Movin.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Marc’s latest single is “crazystupid.”

Rarely do I make such comparisons, but I must acknowledge the undeniable resemblance: Marc exudes a reminiscent aura of the late and legendary XXXTENTACION. This essence comes to life in his track “crazystupid,” where Marc channels a confident and audacious version of X. Set against a backdrop of lively and dynamic production, he maintains a consistent flow and delivers his verses with a gritty undertone. Through his lyrics, he boasts of his commanding presence, his ability to captivate women through his music, and his ambitions of accumulating wealth. Even though this isn’t Marc’s first rodeo, I think the song is the perfect introduction to who he is and what he’s about. 

Give “crazystupid” a shot below.