Love Your Neighbour

Anna Leeworthy

An R&B track that encourages acceptance.

Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Anna Leeworthy is a pop and R&B singer and songwriter. Emerging from a lineage of musicians, Leeworthy harbored a profound inclination to sing from a tender age. Swiftly mastering the art of piano, she lent her harmonious vocals as an accompaniment at her church. This recurrent presence on stage nurtured her self-assurance and enabled her to triumph over stage fright. Her inaugural composition came to fruition at age 5, after which songwriting evolved into her creative sanctuary. Debuting in 2020, she has since produced a repertoire of songs encompassing a rich diversity in both sound and lyrical content. Her latest release is the single “Love Your Neighbour.”

“Love Your Neighbour” emanates an abundance of heart and soul that resonates deeply. Its ethereal soundscape ensnares you with sensual piano chords and a compelling message. Anna Leeworthy’s captivating presence is elevated by her enchanting voice, resembling an entire symphony. Guest vocals by Jordan Astra intertwine seamlessly, creating intricate harmonies. Leeworthy explores the significance of accepting people as they are, ensuring they receive the love they deserve. Moreover, she fosters self-growth by shielding herself from external opinions that might affect her self-perception.

Stream Anna Leeworthy’s latest single, which beautifully advocates embracing the imperfections of those around you.