Young Cardi (Ft. Yun Mufasa & Yung Fume)

Listen to this song so you don’t get whacked.

Young Cardi has been killing s**t for some time now. These past couple of years, the Monaco rapper has done a good job of delivering music with booming beats, highly infectious melodies, and hella trill lyrics. The reason y’all might be surprised is that he looks no more than 16 years old. Some of my favorite tracks from Young Cardi are “STARGAZING” and “WORTH IT.” Recently, he hit us with a brand new single, “GOODFELLAS,” with Yun Mufasa and Yung Fume.

In “GOODFELLAS,” Young Cardi, Yun Mufasa, and Yung Fume make one thing clear: If you dare cross them, they might have to take you out (And I’m not talking about a dinner date). They also find moments to talk about their come-up and reckless lifestyle. The first thing listeners will enjoy about this song is the infectious melodic raps that everyone dishes out. I also believe the booming, hard-hitting beat (That has these synths that I absolutely love) will strike a chord with folks, too.

Give Young Cardi, Yun Mufasa, and Yung Fume’s “GOODFELLAS” a shot below.