Opening Act


Top-notch rapping for the win.

Reble is a highly skilled emcee that takes no prisoners when she raps. Even though the Meghalaya, India native is only 21 years old, she has been honing her rap skills since the tender age of 8, rendering her far from a newcomer in the genre. Growing up, Reble listened to musical acts such as Eminem, Biggie, Andre 3000, and Linkin Park. Some of her biggest singles are “Gasoline” and “Manifest.” Reble’s latest single is “Opening Act.”

Even though “Opening Act” is less than two minutes long, it feels incredibly satisfying. Throughout the song, which boasts a spellbinding, hard-hitting hip-hop beat, Reble uses complex flows, clever punchlines, and astute wordplay to speak of her excellent rap skills and competitive nature. If you appreciate authentic hip-hop music, you will enjoy every minute of this “Opening Act.”

Give “Opening Act” a shot below.