Ain’t Even Done (A.E.D)


Kdon gets risque in his latest single. 

Originating in Atlanta, Georgia, Kdon is a talented musician who likes to create songs that blend genres such as Dancehall, Afrobeats, and pop. Notable singles like “New Money,” “Let Me Know,” and “Bad Bad” showcase his versatility and can be found on popular platforms like Spotify.

Kdon’s latest release, “A.E.D.,” infuses a burst of fast-paced hip-hop and pop energy into his signature dancehall vibe. The track exudes a passionate and steamy atmosphere as Kdon narrates a night of intense romance. His confident and smooth-talking demeanor adds to the sensual tone of the song, leaving listeners craving more of his enticing sound. For a musical experience that sets the mood, don’t miss out on Kdon’s latest single, “A.E.D.”

Give “Ain’t Even Done” a shot below.