Nothing To Lose

MK Juno

On some Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins s**t!

MK Juno is a UK-based musician who is truly fearless when it comes to making music. In her songs, you’ll hear elements of all kinds of genres – I’m talking trap, space pop, R&B, alternative, and more. If you’re an aspiring artist, I highly recommend you study how she moves. Some of MK Juno’s previous releases include “Again and Again” and “On Me.” You can find her entire catalog on Spotify. Her latest single is “Nothing To Lose.”

In “Nothing To Lose,” MK Juno talks about getting it out of the mud, destroying her opps, and ducking relationships. Throughout the song, which is powered by this dramatic, atmospheric drill beat that turns into some scary s**t halfway through, Juno bounces between rapping with an aggressive/cold tone and singing gently. Regardless of the style she relies on, it’s hard to ignore the confidence she displays overall.

Give the impressive “Nothing To Lose” by MK Juno a shot below.