Tinashe is prepping to release a brand new album called “BB/ANG3L.”

Tinashe is having a very impressive 2023. Not only is her ex-boyfriend, Ben Simmons, down bad, but she’s also on a Spaceship show on FOX and, most importantly, prepping to release a brand new album called BB/ANG3L. On Friday, Tinashe released a single from the project called “Needs.”

This is one of Tinashe’s least experimental efforts of the year. “Needs” is a lo-fi R&B track that has easygoing vocals, intoxicating melodies, and lyrical content that revolves around letting your guard down and having a little bit of fun with someone who is probably not in your future plans. I can definitely see it getting a chill pool party poppin’. 

Tinashe recently let the world know what we can expect from her upcoming album, BB/ANG3L: “With this era, I want people to get to know me on more of an intimate level, very up close and personal. I want it to feel like this album is whispering in your ear. My last era, we leaned into a lot more concepts, a lot of dark makeup, a lot of outfits, which was amazing and beautiful. But being able to have this stripped back side of me, to play into different color tones, different vibes, just feels very cinematic and really personal.”

Give “Needs” a shot below.