Sweet Summers Day


A dreamy, gospel-infused R&B gem that’s truly transformative.

Tamaraebi is a multi-talented artist from the UK. As “a rising star in the world of pop, alt R&B, and psychedelic soul music,” the artist’s music offers “a voice that transports listeners to another realm.” Tamaraebi’s “unique sound seamlessly blends multiple genres” and takes influence from the artist’s “roots singing in the church.” Some of his previous releases include songs like “Brown Angel,” “Eyes on the Prize,” “Telephone,” and “Innocence.” Tamaraebi’s latest drop is the R&B single “Sweet Summers Day” and its accompanying official video.

With a wonderfully dreamy blend of vibrant beats and a soft, soul-stirring tone, “Sweet Summers Day” provides a beautifully soothing and serene soundscape to complement the tune’s evocative exploration. Lyrics like “I see you in my dreams, And the voices in my head keep telling me telling me settle down” and “So take me to the river, Let the rain fall down and wash away the sin, sinner man, Cos lately I’ve been sinning” are delivered by striking heartfelt vocals. With its lush, earthy elements and a beautiful, transformative sense, Tamaraebi gifts us a powerful R&B gem ready to take you on an unforgettable journey. So, press play and experience all the magical elements of a “Sweet Summers Day.”