Folks are getting straight to the point these days.

Toure’s on the rise, and for a damn good reason. In these past few years, he’s been dropping impressive projects and tracks, showing he’s got a sound that clicks with hip-hop fans. What’s really cool about him, at least to me, is how he crafts these emotional trap bangers packed with catchy vibes and lyrics straight from the heart. Toure’s latest drop is a 13-track project called ALL I WANTED WAS EVERYTHING. One of the standout tracks from it is “CAN I F*CK AGAIN.”

In “CAN I FCK AGAIN,” Toure talks about being that rock-solid support for someone who’s got your back, and you’ve got theirs (S**t, do you know how good it feels to be in a relationship with someone that puts up with your knucklehead behavior?). And don’t be fooled by the bold title—this song actually rolls out with some mellow vibes. Toure brings in these touching vocals, and the production’s got that smooth trap flavor. Honestly, I believe “CAN I F*CK AGAIN” is one of those tracks you can’t ignore.

Check out “CAN I F*CK AGAIN” below and give it a listen.