Ride Or Die

Chebo Bangs

If you’re not a “Ride or Die,” then I don’t want you.

Rising artist Chebo Bangs, representing Nigeria and the UK, combines alternative hip-hop and R&B to create rhythmic and emotionally resonant songs, exemplified by his two albums, A West Side Story: Lust, Drugs, Pain and Zugzwang. Chebo’s latest single is “Ride Or Die.”

“Ride Or Die” by Chebo Bangs is a mid-tempo, chill alternative rap track that skillfully merges elements of hip-hop and Lofi elements. Content-wise, Bangs expresses his desire for a devoted partner, someone who will remain loyal and never abandon him. Overall, the track carries the essence of a modern love song tailored for a younger generation to express their affection to someone special.

You can listen to “Ride Or Die” by Chebo Bangs below.