U-Turn Sign

Spinning Targets & Yochai Harpaz

A unique rock tune ready to take you on a transformative journey.

Spinning Targets is a musical project created by songwriter and composer Eli Ben Moshe. With plenty of passion for creating ear-pleasing tunes, “the project embraces a diverse range of musical genres, spanning from pop-rock to EDM” and explores “profound themes such as the essence of life, the passage of time, and the essence of the present moment.” The project’s moniker was inspired by “reports of moving targets on the water that Eli received during his military service.” For the project’s debut single, Spinning Targets teamed up with songwriter and producer Yochai Harpaz. Together, the pair created the rock single “U-Turn Sign.”

With a refreshing mixture of infectious instrumentals and delightful dance-pop elements, “U-Turn Sign” provides the perfect feel-good backdrop to complement the track’s introspective exploration. Lyrics like “Never knew how to walk on water, But if I learned, I would” and “If the sun doesn’t shine, I can follow the neon lights (Neon lights), Every road has its turn, But I don’t want an easy ride” offers up a thoughtful examination of self-discovery. With its melodic vocals and wonderfully inspirational sense, Spinning Targets and Yochai Harpaz gift us an uplifting rock single ready to take you on a transformative journey. So press play and find your direction with “U-Turn Sign.”