Olivia Lunny

An unapologetic pop tune about guarding your heart.

Olivia Lunny is a singer-songwriter from Canada. With a long-standing passion for music, the artist took up guitar and wrote her first song when she was just 12 years old. Not long after dipping her toes into the music industry, the singer shot to international fame and even received a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year. Olivia Lunny’s unique sound provides listeners with “a dynamic breed of pure pop, instantly infectious but full of emotional depth.” She’s also received recognition from outlets like Billboard, PAPER, Rolling Stones, NYLON, and many more. Olivia Lunny’s latest drop is the pop single “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT.”

With a mesmerizing blend of synth-heavy beats and delightful dance-pop elements, “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT” offers a totally addictive backdrop to complement the tune’s unapologetic exploration. Lyrics like “You wanna be in my world, But everyone here gets hurt, I’ll sum it up in three words, I warned you” and “If you think that I’m bad for you, yes I am, If you want me to love you, you know I can’t” warns potential partners that romance will only end with them getting their heart broken. With its radiant vocals and no shortage of passion-filled declarations, Olivia Lunny gifts us a powerful pop tune about guarding your heart and putting yourself first. So press play and drop unwanted romantic relationships with “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT.”