An R&B tune that puts in work for love.

London artist Bluesz grew up immersed in 90s soul, R&B, reggae, and hip-hop sounds. Taking inspiration from these influential genres, he delved deeper into the world of music at 11, embracing the vibes of Trapsoul, Afroswing, and Funky House. Bluesz’s unique voice, characterized by its delicate phrasing and smooth sound, helped him carve out a distinct niche within the R&B sphere. Singles like “Losin’ Me” and “Decided” only served to solidify his position in the music industry. Bluesz’s latest release, “Y.S.L,” showcases his growth and evolution as an artist.

This downtempo R&B single will have you grooving to its beat and singing along with its lyrics. Bluesz’s charismatic and sensual vocals create a magical atmosphere for the track. He exudes irresistible smoothness as he serenades a special someone with pure seduction. Pulling out all the stops to demonstrate his worthiness, Bluesz makes a compelling case for being the ideal boyfriend. He’s a sweet talker who also possesses all the qualities of a great lover. If you’re fortunate enough to be the object of his affection, you’ll be adorned with more than just “Y.S.L.” So, take a chance on Bluesz and stream “Y.S.L.,” a special track filled with charm and allure.