There’s something about November that is depressing. Maybe it’s the dry-ass turkeys we usually eat on Thanksgiving?

Lil Peep and ILOVEMAKONNEN, both ahead-of-their-time musicians, share a unique story. Tragically, Lil Peep’s passing in 2017 cut short his artistic journey, leaving us without the chance to see his full potential. Conversely, ILOVEMAKONNEN continues to thrive, currently undergoing a career resurgence. Their collaboration on “November” presents an exciting opportunity to witness these two talents joining forces to craft something profoundly impactful.

“November” is unquestionably a sad song. In their verses, ILOVEMAKONNEN and Lil Peep express their frustration with their partners for not being there when they need them. Their vocals are noticeably dramatic, some might even say overly dramatic, while the production features an uptempo, synth-heavy feel. You can certainly dance to this track, but I also recommend letting it make you cry.

Will November ever get the respect that it deserves? Or will artists like Lil Peep, ILOVEMAKONNEN, and Wyclef Jean continue to make the month feel completely depressing? Find out next time on Ratings Game Music!