Natasha Boon

A head-turning single that channels Marilyn Monroe.

Hailing from London, England, Natasha Boon is a singer and songwriter who embarked on a unique path to pursue her musical dreams at the age of 20 by establishing her own flower stall to finance her journey. In 2018, she made a memorable appearance on X-Factor, where, despite her brief stint on the show, she left a lasting impression by astonishing judges and being hailed as the next Amy Winehouse. Since then, Natasha has dedicated her time to the recording studio, where she passionately writes and produces music for her dedicated fanbase. For a more in-depth look at her musical journey, you can follow her on her YouTube channel, where she shares her creative process and ongoing ventures, and you can enjoy her exclusive song covers on SoundCloud. Natasha’s latest release, the single “Marilyn,” is accompanied by an eagerly anticipated music video, promising to be another noteworthy chapter in her evolving musical career.

If you’re in the mood to unwind and groove, Natasha Boon’s “Marilyn” is the perfect sonic companion. Boasting a creative flair for blending urban Afro-pop and swing music, she showcases her prowess with a blend that mirrors the iconic actress, exuding both sweetness and feistiness. Beneath her captivating exterior, she reveals a guarded heart through lyrics like “At least have the decency to tell me what you want” and “Don’t play no games, just let me know the deal,” making it clear that she won’t easily be ensnared by love’s snares. With Boon’s magnetic allure, it’s evident she’ll swiftly move on before falling victim to deception. So, don your favorite blonde wig and embrace your inner “Marilyn” by immersing yourself in Natasha Boon’s latest single.