Danny Aro

An infectious genre fusion that pays tribute to music icons.

Redding, Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Danny Aro crafts attention-grabbing tunes you won’t want to miss. With a long-standing love for music, the artist first became inspired to create his own songs after listening to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne when he was 11. Danny Aro credits music with gifting him the ability “to see the world in many unique ways and meet numerous inspiring angels who have changed my life, that without music, I wouldn’t have been blessed to meet.” The singer adds, “music is a way to touch the ether around us that we don’t often see, so that’s why I’m always listening and creating.” Danny Aro’s latest drop is the alternative rap single “Brittney.”

With an ultra-infectious genre fusion that blends dance-pop and hip-hop elements, “Brittney” offers the perfect ear-pleasing backdrop to complement the track’s touching tribute. Lyrics like “Oh yeah I’m twisted, I’m sipping on that liquor, we dance until we die, like Michael Jackson Thriller” and “We take it just like Whitney, that bad b**** look like Britney” offer playful mentions of some of music’s biggest names. With a wonderfully charismatic sense and some feel-good retro vibes, Danny Aro gifts us a captivating single that’s ready to sweep you off your feet. So, press play, crank up the volume, and groove all night long with “Brittney.”