ItWasntEnough (EP)


This mixtape was originally released in 2016.

XXXTENTACION is one of my favorite artists of all time. I just love how daring, experimental, and hard-hitting his music sounds. Unfortunately, X’s early work might have seemed reflective of his tumultuous teenage years, which could have turned a few people off. However, as time passed and his music evolved, many came to recognize the depth and uniqueness of his artistry. One of X’s earliest projects, ItWasntEnough, hit streaming services. 

ItWasntEnough is a fascinating collection of tracks that showcases the versatile range of XXXTENTACION’s artistry.

  1. “Snow” delves into the emotional and introspective side of XXXTENTACION. It features poignant lyrics and a somber tone, allowing listeners to connect with his personal experiences and emotions.
  2. “MANIKIN” leans towards the rebel/edgy side of XXXTENTACION’s music. It features a hazy and carefree sound, reflecting his defiant and unapologetic attitude.
  3. “I LUv My CLiQue LiKe KaNyE WeSt” has a high-energy, explosive vibe. This is the version of X that loves to rage.
  4. “I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine” is a dark and introspective tune. It explores X’s struggles and inner demons, offering a raw and emotional listening experience.

Overall, ItWasntEnough is a blend of XXXTENTACION’s various musical facets, from his touching and introspective side to his rebellious and energetic persona. This diversity is a testament to his ability to connect with listeners on multiple levels and cater to various emotions and moods.