Rating: 5 out of 5.

A captivating hip-hop track with a truly inspiring message.

JoeJas is a UK rapper and producer who crafts some very unique tunes. With a long-standing love for music, the artist began rapping when he was just 11 years old and later started producing when he was 17. JoeJas went on to release his debut album, Planet, in 2016. Since 2017, the rapper has been shooting and editing all his music videos. In 2020, JoeJas won a music competition and received praise from Anderson Paak and J.I.D. Regarding the artist’s unique sound, “genre-mashing” has “become a defining point in JoeJas’ music.” The rapper’s hip-hop tune “Escape!” comes from his album Gaps & Nomads. Joe recently dropped visuals to accompany the track.

With a captivating blend of bold beats and uplifting instrumentals, “Escape!” provides a wonderfully dynamic backdrop to complement the track’s moving exploration. Lyrics like “I’m eyes closed jumping, Top of a mountain, To let my wings flourish” and “Keep going in the way that you cruising, If you still tryna find your own path, You welcome with the gaps and nomads” offer up heartfelt messages to anyone whose ever felt like an outsider. With its witty wordplay and wonderfully creative sense, JoeJas gifts us yet another truly unique creation that packs a powerful punch. So, press play and embrace your authentic self with “Escape!”