Denzel Curry & Kenny Mason

Denzel Curry has been rapping like the rent is two months late as of late.

I’ll never forget when Denzel Curry said he can make hits just like everyone else; he just doesn’t choose to. The reason that stood out to me is that, at any moment, he can turn his competitive side on, which means trouble for you rap peons. Based on Denzel’s last few drops, “ICE COLD ZEL,“”BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” and “SKED,” I have reason to believe that he’s ready to go hit for hit with folks. Below, I will talk about the latter song I mentioned.

“SKED” is ‘Elbow whoever that is next to you’ music. The song is powered by this bass-heavy beat designed to knock s**t off shelves and put weak-ass car speakers to shame. Over the beat, we get very cheeky versions of Denzel Curry and Kenny Mason. In their respective verses, the two rappers rely on aggressive tones, action-packed flows, and unique lyrics to explain their dominance and why they are ready for all kinds of smoke, including the one from Mortal Kombat 3. If you are down to rage, press play on this s**t.

Denzel Curry might be the one dude no one wants to see in a rap battle.