Slime You Out

Drake (Ft. SZA)

Getting wins with your ex has to feel good, right? (Remember, Drake and SZA allegedly dated in the past)

Since Travis Scott dropped UTOPIA in July, Drake now has the juice. In other words, the Six God is now sitting on the year’s most anticipated album, For All My Dogs. While we only have to wait one more week for the project’s release, today, Drake decided to drop a brand new single with SZA off it called “Slime You Out.”

Drake does nothing normal these days. With that being said, the picture he used to promote “Slime You Out” is sick as s**t, the song’s title is sick as s**t, the fact that he called on SZA to feature on the song is both dope and sick as s**t, and the idea that the first official single from For All My Dogs is a swagged-out slow jam is, yes, you guessed it, sick as s**t! 

OK, let me get a little serious here. In “Slime You Out,” Drake has a sing-off with the amazing SZA. While I don’t think his vocals are up to par with hers, his lyrics do kick-ass. In his first verse, he slyly expresses frustration and anger toward someone who has made mistakes and is now seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. He also dismisses her new dude so badly that I felt offended (Drake makes it seem like his ex’s new man is Zach Wilson). In Drake’s second verse, which is a little more aggressive and on the rappity rap side, he goes nuclear on this chick, distinctly and harshly calling out her weasel ways. Don’t feel bad for SZA (Who I think he’s fake talking to), though; in her verse, she professionally and effectively finds ways to remind us all that n***as ain’t s**t. 

If you are a fan of unapologetic Drake slow jams with a little bit of rapping, this song will tickle your fancy.