Rating: 4 out of 5.

A track that celebrates late-night meetups.

Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Austin Taylor is a singer, songwriter, and producer. His music dwells in the niche corners of bedroom pop, drawing influences from various genres like pop, R&B, classic rock, and country. Beyond making music, he is also the founder and videographer for Nashville Sound Lounge, a social platform for rising artists in Nashville, Tennessee. Some of his popular releases include “Comfortable,” “Only Want You,” and “This Morning.” His latest release, his second single for this year, is titled “Come Thru.”

Austin Taylor invites you to “Come Thru” with his latest single. This pop and R&B track boasts a buzzing and infectious sound that encourages you to reach out to that old situationship for a late-night hangout. If you weren’t already convinced, lyrics like “Your company is so far, it’s been keeping me alive” and “In the midnight, the sunrise dance in the kitchen till we see the new light” might do the trick. Taylor’s vocals are melodic yet laidback, fully immersing you in his sound. He transforms late-night idleness into moments that can be fun and romantic. If you haven’t yet found an ex to reconnect with, perhaps you will by streaming “Come Thru.”