Rating: 1 out of 5.

Daniel AMP puts up a vulnerable, infectious performance in “Midnight Blues.” 

Daniel AMP transitioned from a freelance songwriter to a versatile singer and songwriter, making his mark across multiple genres. While he initially built his career on songwriting, he’s now making strides as a musician and rapper within the realm of Hip-Hop. Daniel brings a motivational energy to his songs, drawing inspiration from various artists, including Drake and J. Cole. You can explore his discography on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. His latest single, “Midnight Blues,” makes getting into your feelings a vibe.  In “Midnight Blues,” Daniel AMP grapples with questions about his current situationship, pondering whether he holds any significance in his crush’s eyes. He confronts his emotions head-on, battling the internal conflict of holding onto hope or moving on. While navigating these conflicting feelings, he finds himself enveloped in a melancholic state of sadness. This song provides the perfect soundtrack for coping with rejection, and Daniel AMP excels at capturing the aftermath of such an experience. Be sure to check out Daniel AMP’s “Midnight Blues.”