Rating: 3 out of 5.

Can you believe it has been three months since NBA YoungBoy released a solo single?

Because he’s currently on house arrest, NBA YoungBoy is living a private lifestyle in Utah. His situation hasn’t stopped him from dropping music, though. While he has been pretty quiet with the solo releases these past two months or so, we have gotten a few great guest appearances out of him. Today, the Baton Rouge native returned to the music scene with a new single called “Testimony.”
“Testimony” sounds like NBA YoungBoy’s earlier s**t to me. In the song, which is driven by this bass booming, borderline vintage-sounding trap beat, he relies on both gutter rap deliveries and a partially passionate vocal performance to dismiss his haters, to remind us all that he keeps a weapon on him, and to speak on his major come-up. If you are a fan of YoungBoy when he switches between sounding violent, humble, and braggadocios, you will enjoy every ounce of this new banger.
Give “Testimony” by NBA YoungBoy a shot below.