A bittersweet hip-hop track that explores the heartache of getting led astray by love.

Rella is an exciting rap artist from New Zealand. He is known for his versatility and originality, as he seamlessly blends trap, rap, and R&B in his songs. His music is a treat for fans of artists like Oliver Francis, 347aiden, and The Kid LAROI. Right from the beginning of his career, Rella has chosen to remain independent, believing that this approach allows him to convey his message in the most authentic way possible. His latest project is the 13-track album titled ETERNAL, which includes the standout track “FELL IN LOVE.”

With a smooth blend of melodic beats and poignant tones, “FELL IN LOVE” crafts a serene soundscape that perfectly complements the track’s emotive and romantic introspection. Lyrics such as “We fell in love, this time, Babe, what’s the rush” and “You said that love wouldn’t harm, and you led me astray; You said that falling in love would protect me from pain” demonstrate the artist’s contemplation of the heartache that comes from being misled by love. With its introspective moments and a beautifully nostalgic ambiance, Rella treats us to a poignant hip-hop track that’s bound to evoke a range of emotions. So hit that play button and prepare to embark on an emotional journey with “FELL IN LOVE.”