Rating: 5 out of 5.

A captivating pop tune that explores the struggles of being in a one-sided relationship.

Brooke Daye is a pop singer and songwriter. Some of the singer’s previous releases include songs like “Everything I’m Not,” “Lonely Nights,” “WAY TOO YOUNG,” “get well soon,” and “jeffrey dahmer.” One of Brooke’s recent drops is the three-track pop single “Crying On The Balcony.” On Instagram, the artist had this to say about her new tune: “If you’ve ever felt alone in a relationship, this is for you. Sometimes love isn’t enough.”

Starting out with a moody mix of hypnotic tones, “Crying On The Balcony” quickly cranks things up with a vibrant blend of ultra-catchy beats that perfectly complement the track’s bittersweet romantic reflection. Lyrics like “Loving you is agony, Did we build a house to burn it down?” and “I gave you more than heaven, Hell if I’ve learned my lesson, You got me second guessing” examine the pain of being in a one-sided relationship. Fueled with passion-filled vocals and a heart-wrenchingly relatable narrative, Brooke Daye gifts us a captivating pop tune that thoughtfully explores the struggles of an unhealthy partnership. So, press play and let the words of “Crying On The Balcony” tug at your heartstrings.