What’s the difference between this song and “Put It On Da Floor?”

Latto features on one of my favorite songs from this year, and it’s not “Put It On Da Floor,” but rather “Seven” by Joonkook! However, my personal preferences aside, it’s clear that “Put It On Da Floor” is well-loved by many. In fact, one could argue that Latto is currently one of the hottest female rappers in the game, despite the crowded field. On Friday, the Atlanta native (she’s from the real Atlanta) made her return to the music scene with a new single called “ISSA PARTY,” featuring BabyDrill.

“ISSA PARTY” is like “Put It On Da Floor” with a toothpick in its mouth. Just like the latter, the song boasts a booming, frantic beat that will make you want to stomp on an opponent. Over this energetic backdrop, Latto delivers a braggadocious verse, sounding ready for anything, a bit spoiled, and like the ultimate party starter. She also provides an excellent hook, taking inspiration from Waka Flocka Flame’s iconic hook in “It’s A Party.” As for BabyDrill, he comes across as Latto’s trusty shooter, ready to back her up at a discount.

Why does it always make me laugh when female rappers talk about shooting s**t? It’s like, why would it come down to that? Just make fun of her outfit and call it a day.