This is one of my favorite releases of the year.

BurrLin is currently tearing down walls with his impressive releases (Do you like what I did there?). What I like about him is how seamlessly he meshes hip-hop vibes with everything from Afropop to R&B vibes in his music. I also like how BurrLin shifts gears rapping-wise, knowing when to turn things up a notch or focus on floating. Some of his most impressive releases are “Ganando” and “ENJOYMENT.” His latest release, which I absolutely love, is “For The Ladies.”

I know it’s odd that I love a tune called “For The Ladies,” but I don’t give a damn, this s**t is fire! First and foremost, I rock with the funky, soulful hip-hop beat and how it makes you want to get down with the get down. I also rock with BurrLin’s carefree singing on the hook, how he comes across as mushy and gritty lyrically, and how he finds pockets to show off his aggressive rap side. It’s easy to catch a vibe listening to this smooth banger.

Give “For The Ladies” a shot below.