Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cerdarious teaches a masterclass in keeping it real with “F M F U.”

I call people like Cerdarious MCs as opposed to rappers. In his music, the Compton, CA native makes every word count and usually spits bars over production that hits harder than Manny Pacquaio. While C’s catalog on Spotify isn’t extensive, his released songs have been as impressive as it gets. One of his latest releases is “F M F U.”

In “F M F U,” Cerdarious discusses the consequences of snitching, playing the game wrong, chasing women, and relying on janky promoters. From the moment the wicked, hard-hitting beat arrives at the scene, you get nothing but wise lyrics, consistent flows, and super clever punchlines out of C. At the same time, he sounds very unbothered, which tells me that all of his words are authentic. Make sure you have your pen and pad ready for this one.

Give Cerdarious’ “F M F U” a shot below.