Rating: 5 out of 5.


An empowering hip-hop gem that makes a serious impression. 

NOA is an emerging alt-pop singer and songwriter from Berlin. Her unique sound combines distorted textures around precise and vulnerable lyrics, delivering a lyrically potent listening experience accompanied by billowing 808s and dark textural synths. NOA draws inspiration from artists like LaLabrinth, Billie Eilish, and AUDREY NUNA. Some of her previous releases include tracks such as “DEAD TO ME,” “THE DEVIL KNOWS MY NAME,” and “WASTELAND.” NOA’s latest single is “Saint Paul.”

“Saint Paul” features an attention-grabbing blend of bold beats and distorted tones, creating a dynamic backdrop that complements the captivating exploration in the song. The lyrics highlight themes of empowerment and self-assuredness with lines like “Blue blood, running through my veins, but all that you heard, well that’s ’cause no one says a true word about how I took over the world” and “Run the world like Beyoncé, all in pink ’cause it’s Friday, even when I’m crying crazy, I’m the b****, Lord, have mercy.” NOA delivers these lines with a commanding presence and witty wordplay, offering a striking hip-hop gem that leaves a lasting impression.

Press play and celebrate the greatness of a black queen with “Saint Paul.”