A captivating pop gem with a powerful message about letting go and moving on. 

Connor Kauffman, a singer and songwriter, is a masterful creator of stunning tunes that you simply can’t afford to miss. With an unwavering passion for his craft, Connor not only sings but also “produces, mixes & masters all of his work, as well as doing all of the writing and singing.” This self-taught artist’s unique style shines through in every one of his creations. Some of his previous releases include tracks like “All Your Friends,” “Parasite,” “That’s On You,” and “Hate You For A Lifetime.” Connor Kauffman’s latest offering is the pop single “Far Too Late,” accompanied by an official lyric video.

“Far Too Late” weaves a captivating tapestry of uplifting instrumentals and mood-enhancing tones, providing the perfect, mesmerizing backdrop for the song’s emotional journey. Lyrics such as “I’m tearing down the walls you taught me how to build, I’m learning how to be on my own” and “Still kicking myself for waiting this long, I should’ve just embraced the unknown” delve into the heart-wrenching experience of moving on from a toxic familial connection. With its poignant, well-crafted narrative and incredibly powerful vocals, Connor Kauffman delivers a thoughtful pop gem that imparts a significant message to anyone grappling with the challenge of letting go of a harmful family tie. So, hit that play button and let the words of “Far Too Late” work their magic in helping to heal your heart.