Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tems has entered megastar status.

In my humble opinion, Tems isn’t an Afropop artist; she is an R&B artist who dabbles in Afropop occasionally. Ninjas hear a Nigerian accent and assume they are listening to Afropop music, which is wrong. That said, in Tems’ latest single, “Me & U,” she blends Afropop vibes with R&B vibes perfectly (Yea, I have some egg on my face).

Tems’ words in “Me & U” are captivating. Lyrics like, “I want to show you my world. Give me one break, I need faith, Faith to believe you, faith to receive you, Give me something. I love you, I don’t need nothing, you are my everything,” and “Make me your matter, make me your matter, make me your matter, Show me your substance, make me your person, make me your person,” passionately demonstrate her willingness to give her all in a relationship she is enamored with. In addition to her beautiful words, Tems also graces us with touching vocals that harmonize perfectly with the song’s uptempo, smooth Afropop backdrop. If everything I just mentioned doesn’t resonate with you, I guarantee that her highly infectious hook will.

Give “Me & U” by Tems a shot below.