Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jay puts up one of the best rap performances of the year in this song.

Remember this name: Jay Pareil. While he may not have an extensive catalog on streaming services, the music I’ve heard from him is undeniably impressive. What stands out about Jay is the passion he pours into his songs, approaching his verses with an intensity that suggests each one could be his last. Some of Jay’s standout tracks that you should definitely check out include “How” and “2 the Max.” Additionally, one of Jay’s recent singles is “Denim Tears,” featured on his EP I Know Everybody but Myself.

“Denim Tears” could easily win rap song of the year. To start, the track features two powerful, soulful hip-hop beats that will have you saying “amen.” Jay’s performance over both beats is exceptional. He delivers slick and confident lyrics, highlighting his significant accomplishments and charismatic demeanor. Furthermore, his wordplay and clever punchlines are truly outstanding. It’s evident that Jay poured his heart and soul into this banger.

Give “Denim Tears” by Jay Pareil a shot below.