A delightful genre fusion that brings plenty of summer heat.

Nxghtshade, a musical creative, is a multi-talented artist, producer, and songwriter known for crafting exceptionally unique tunes. With a profound passion for music, Nxghtshade’s journey began at the age of 13 when he started playing bass for a punk rock band. From there, he delved headfirst into hip-hop and later found himself performing across the globe with his electro-pop duo, Electric Valentine. The artist has collaborated with numerous well-known figures in the industry, including Travis Barker, The Used, Satin Puppets, John Feldmann, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Adrian Young of No Doubt. Nxghtshade’s song “What’s It Gonna Take?” featuring Lyndsi Austin is the opening track on his new dual-track single, “Summer Isn’t Over In California.”

With a vibrant fusion of sun-soaked instrumentals and dance-inducing reggae beats, “What’s It Gonna Take?” creates the perfect summery soundscape, capable of dispelling any autumn chills. Lyrics like “I’ve been tryin’ to figure you out, Every minute, every hour, every day” and “You’ve been givin’ me a hell of a run, Every minute, every hour, every day, You’ve been givin’ me a taste of your love, Just enough to get me to stay” narrate a lighthearted tale. Through its delightful genre fusion and an exuberant sense, Nxghtshade and Lyndsi Austin offer a radiant alternative tune that will leave you yearning for the warmth of summertime. So hit that play button and ponder, “What’s It Gonna Take?”