Knucklez sounds like a less drunk Earl Sweatshirt.

Knucklez describes himself as “just a kid from MS that’s tryna make it,” and this self-portrayal resonates with his music, which conveys a hunger for success. Although Knucklez’s music catalog isn’t extensive, he’s been making significant strides in 2023. He recently released a 5-track EP titled “Soul Music 2,” with one of the standout tracks being “GWTW.”

“GWTW,” an abbreviation for “gone with the wind,” is concise but impactful. Over an old-school, soulful beat, Knucklez employs his signature deliberate delivery and steady flows to rap about the trauma he’s experienced over the years, the loss of close friends, and the principles he upholds. For those new to his music, this song provides an excellent introduction to his style.

Give “GWTW” a listen below.