Rating: 2 out of 5.

Two rookie of the year candidates shine in “Pretty Girl.”

Nigeria, stand the hell up! Not only are people starting to put respect on our form of Jolloff, but up-and-coming artists like Rema and Ice Spice (B*tch, Ice Spice told us she was Nigerian a few months back) are turning into megastars. Today, the two Nigerians decided to link up for a new single called “Pretty Girl.” 

Who would’ve thought Ice Spice (A rapper) and Rema (An Afropop artist) would combine to make a bubbly pop record? Well, that’s what “Pretty Girl” is. In the track, Ice, who has confirmed that she is in a relationship now, uses this shy girl rap style to talk about being smitten with love. As for Rema, he hooks us up with a chorus that has a basic melody and high school-level romantic lyrics. Everything is topped with this low-quality pop/Afropop beat. Can you tell by how I’m talking about this song that I hate it?

Give “Pretty Girl” a shot below.