A captivating hip-hop tune with plenty of heart.

Moonman is a multi-talented artist who pours a tremendous amount of passion into their work. Each of their creations highlights Moonman’s distinctive style. Some of the artist’s earlier releases include tracks such as “Space,” “Show You,” “on & on,” and “ode.” Their most recent work involves a collaboration with music producer Saddiboi, resulting in the hip-hop single “NO THANK U.”

With an uplifting blend of infectious instrumentals and dance-inducing beats, “NO THANK U” creates the perfect feel-good backdrop to complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “She just got the long dress, no ankles, She a beauty queen, No contest” and “There’s some things I want to confess, I’m tangled, I said I’m worried you’ll go, But you told me, No thank you” provide a captivating reflection about holding on to the one you love. With its delightfully dynamic soundscape and plenty of passion, Moonman and Saddieboi gift us with an ear-pleasing hip-hop tune you’ll want to hear on repeat. So, press play and immerse yourself in the artists’ latest creation with “NO THANK U.”