Rating: 2 out of 5.

Free Thugger! And while you’re at it, free Joe Exotic, too. 

Will Young Thug ever see the light of day? I have no clue. What I do know is that his people have done a good job of ensuring we don’t forget his face anytime soon. These days, I don’t go a day without seeing someone yelling, “Free Young Thug.” Also, though he’s been locked up for over a year, we’ve heard him on an album and various artists’ songs. Today, a new single from Thugger hit streaming services: “From A Man.”

In “From A Man,” Young Thug talks about the designer s**t he likes rocking, the checks he’s been getting, and the redbone he’s been tapping nightly. Though the song boasts dramatic production, we get freestyle-like raps out of Thugger (Honestly, his raps are pretty bad. At a certain point, he spits out pure malarkey). More than anything, this song sounds like a loosey that his team wanted to share with the world for the f**k of it.

Y’all think Joe Biden will pardon Young Thug?