Rating: 5 out of 5.

A dancehall track that’s a romantic mood-setter.

Imark, hailing from St. Kitts and Nevis, is a dancehall artist who is making significant waves in his community. His music is a vibrant blend, combining the sounds he grew up with in the Caribbean with American-led genres like rap, hip-hop, and R&B. Imark hopes that his fans can embark on a beautiful journey full of diverse sounds when listening to his music. He made his debut in 2019 with the single “Good Looking” and followed it up with his debut album, “Indelible,” in the same year. In his work, he often shares his personal growth as an artist and chronicles his life experiences. “Significant Half” is his latest single, focusing on intense love.

This dancehall track is a potent fusion of hip-hop, reggae, and soulful R&B. Imark passionately delivers the song with his emotive vocals, narrating a story of profound love and unwavering commitment. Lyrics like “No matter what the date, my love can’t expire” and “Me and you together as lovers and friends, my wife, we ride or die till the end” portray the deep and unbreakable connection that Imark shares with his significant other. He describes that rare kind of love that’s hard to find but assures us that it’s still attainable for anyone. So hit play and listen to “Significant Half” for a track that embodies genuine love and dedication.