“A Friend” puts an R&B spin on the “Friends to Lovers” trope.

With his latest album, Shoulders Carry Honor, New York City-based musician Michael Kirby embraces a slower, old-school sound reminiscent of the slow jams our parents used to enjoy. Kirby carries this nostalgic vibe into his newest single from the album, “A Friend.” This single captivates with its sensual tone, featuring a slow-tempo jazz and contemporary R&B melody, reminding us that love songs are very much alive.

In “A Friend,” Kirby explores the delicate boundary between friendship and romance. He masterfully portrays the role of the lovestruck friend, serenading the girl he adores with promises of unwavering support and protection, assuring her that he won’t cause the pain that others might. If you’re a hopeless romantic, “A Friend” by Michael Kirby is a must-listen.