Rating: 4 out of 5.

TOURE and Vory go off here.

When I think of underdogs in the hip-hop game, two names that come to mind are TOURE and Vory. Despite racking up significant streaming numbers, there’s an inherent hunger in the content and styles they bring to their songs. In “Lifestyle Vicious,” TOURE and Vory come together, and rest assured, they do not disappoint.

“Lifestyle Vicious” features a dramatic beat with distinct trap vibes. Throughout the track, TOURE and Vory trade verses about losing friends, growing up among killers, having hearts of stone, stacking up money, and being prepared for any challenges. What makes the song particularly intriguing is the contrast in styles between the two artists: Vory brings emotional vocals, while TOURE delivers a fiery verse.

Give “Lifestyle Vicious” a shot below. Also, if you have more time, check out Toure’s new album Life Of The Party here.